Tuesday, November 28, 2023

PDF Soldiers Captured During Clashes Near Inle Lake

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Fighting has broken out between the Inle People’s Defence Force (IPDF) and the military in Yawnghwe (Nyaung Shwe) Township, with deaths reported on both sides.


The IPDF commander of Battalion 1009 and two other soldiers were killed and one soldier was captured alive when the groups clashed between Phayar Ni and Than Tawng villages in Taunggyi District at 1:30pm on 3 January, according to an anonymous source close to the group.

In the evening of the next day, after the resistance group had retreated, the military and Pyusawhtee forces attacked them again in Lyn King village. This time they killed another soldier and captured two more resistance fighters and the body of a fallen fighter.

SACs combined forces of police and soldeirs at Inle Lake
SACs combined forces of police and soldeirs at Inle Lake.

At press time it was unclear how many regime soldiers were killed in battle.

A local source, who requested anonymity, said, “I heard that some bodies have already arrived at the hospital in Yawnghwe, but I can’t say who these people were.”

This is the first time this year that the IPDF and the military have fought around Inle. The regime has tightened security west of the lake where the violence is taking place.

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