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Regime Clashes With MNDAA In Mongpaw

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Wan Kawng residents are concerned after the Burma Army (BA) clashed with the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance (MNDAA) Army near their village in Muse Township, northern Shan State.


According to a local source who preferred not to give his name, MNDAA Battalion 505 and BA Light Infantry Battalion 355 engaged in a firefight on Howah Hill, a mile from Wan Kawng in Mongpaw (aka Mongbaw) area, at 4:30pm on Monday 24 October.

MNDAA troops 1024x571 1
MNDAA troops 1024×571 1

Locals reported to SHAN, that BA shelled Howah Hill with artillery from Ton Khan Hill, with two shells hitting it. Both sides reportedly used heavy and light weapons during the fighting.

The man said they expected the violence to begin after about 50 regime fighters showed up in their village in the morning and headed for the hill where the MNDAA soldiers were.

At the time of going to press, SHAN was unable to provide details of casualties on either side.

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