Youths Accused Of Killing Southern Shan State Leader


The Burma Army (BA) has arrested ten youths accused of killing a local leader in Nyaung Shwe, southern Shan State.


A youth requesting anonymity told SHAN that the army arrested the youths after Mingalar ward administer Thaw Tar was shot dead.

”It’s better if the local youths hide in a safe place,” said the youth, who’s himself in hiding. He said he didn’t know the accused but had heard that they’d been taken to Tawng Lay Lon prison following the killing of Thaw Tar on the morning of 21 July.

Nyaung Shwe Township
Nyaung Shwe Township

“Some parents have tried to visit their son,” the youth said.

None of the armed groups have taken responsibility for the killing of the administrator.

In early July, the urban guerrilla group ‘Assassin For Justice’ released plans for a “mission” in Nyaung Shwe Township and warned locals to be careful when travelling.

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