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Unsuccessful Arrest Attempt on NLD MP, Relatives Taken By the Junta in Pindaya

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The military junta attempted to arrest a Pindaya township, Southern Shan State, NLD’s member of parliament, U Tun Tun Naing, but could not; instead, his relatives from Inn Palet village were taken away.


On 18 June 2022 around noon, the unsuccessful arrest attempt on U Tun Tun Naing triggered the arrest of his 25 relatives, and 16 of them were released in the evening on that day. Among those released were the elders.

“Among those who got arrested, there were people who are over 80 years old. They could not arrest U Tun Tun Naing, so they arrested his relatives – they might use them as hostages. A total of 25 people were captured. 16 of them were released in the evening,” a man who lives in Pindaya told SHAN.

Pindaya Township 1
Pindaya Township 1

The junta detained nice people, and all of them are men.

The reason behind U Tun Tun Naing arrest attempt was that he was being accused of supporting the People Defense Force (PDF).

“They still detain nine people. All of them are men, and they are all kept at Pindaya police station. They accused U Tun Tun Naing for supporting the PDF and they wanted to arrest him. They could not, and they took his relatives instead,” the above Pindaya resident added.

Another incident occurred on 18 June 2022 around 10 A.M in which a member of the military-back political party, Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), U Kyaw Nyein was shot and killed.

After that, the relatives of U Tun Tun Naing, who live in the Inn Palet village, were taken away by the military junta around noon.

“On that day morning, a member of USDP party, U Kyaw Nyein, was shot and killed. After that, they went to arrest U Tun Tun Naing relatives in the village. U Kyaw Nyein was the military junta informant. He will do anything for the military junta, and he is armed with a short gun,” the above Pindaya resident narrating the story on that day to SHAN.

There are 7 military informants including U Kyaw Nyein according to the known list.

According to the report released by Assistance Association Political Prisoners (AAPP), 1,963 civilians have been killed and 14,156 people are being detained by the military junta after the military coup in February 2021 until 17 June 2022.

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