TNLA, MDAA Clash With Regime In Muse


On Sunday, two members of the Northern Alliance supported by the People Defence Force (PDF) fought regime forces across Muse District in northern Shan State.

Maw Taung village
Maw Taung village

A local source, asking for her name not to be used, told SHAN that Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) clashed with the Burma Army (BA) near Mabein in Hsenwi Township (also Theinni) at 5pm.

Some people told her the local PDF fought alongside the ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) during the 30 minute clash, but no one could say who fired first. Clashes in Mabein and Kutkai townships happen frequently and locals have, unfortunately, grown accustomed to gunfire.

The same evening, the EAOs also clashed with the BA near Maw Tawng, where the regime has a hidden outpost, a local man requesting anonymity said.

”I can’t say which EAO attacked the BA’s camp…No one dared to leave their home at night.”

TNLA ambushed a BA unit on 4 May, killing twelve soldiers and a prominent Shan youth leader and his friend, who were hijacked at gunpoint to drive the junta fighters in their car.

According to the Tai Youths Network, their executive member, who’s also part of the Committee of Shan State Unity was abducted en route to the town of Muse.

Locals explained that TNLA troops waited to attack the BA on a hilltop outside Maw Tawng.

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