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Six Youth Including One Under 18 Arrested While Helping IDPs in Hsi Hseng

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Six people including one under 18 years old and their driver who went to provide donated materials to the IDPs were arrested by the Myanmar military junta soldiers in Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan State.

Youth arrested at Hsihseng when helping IDPs
Youth arrested at Hsihseng when helping IDPs

The arrest was made on 23 March 2022 on their way back from Hsi Hseng township IDPs camps to Taunggyi city at Naung Htaw checking gate set up by the military junta.

“They passed that check point on their way to the camp; however, the arrest was made when they returned, and we did not know why. Among the 6 people detained, three women including one under 18 years old, and three men including the driver were taken away,” a person who is closed to those arrested told SHAN.

It was also reported on 22 March 2022 that the military junta were detaining people who involved in the demonstrations in the city of Taunggyi and those who were collecting donations for the IDPs.

“I have been on the run since I heard that the authorities were searching for those participating in the general protest in Taunggyi and their leaders. Also, a woman who used to provide assistances the IDPs was taken away by a group of police on 22 March 2022,” the man who is on the run due to his involvement in the demonstration told SHAN.

The man above added that even though there is no political activities against the junta currently, the junta arrested about 20 people who used to participate in the demonstrations. It is urged that the rest of the demonstrators should seek for safety somewhere else at the moment.

Myanmar military junta along with its militia group Pa-O National Army (PNA) is searching for the people involved in the political demonstrations. On 25 March 2022, the Myanmar army and PNA  made surprise checks on some main areas and streets.

The local said that more security measures are implemented for the Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day on 27 March 2022.

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