Northern Shan State Villagers Flee Regime Airstrikes


Hundreds of people fled fighting between regime forces and Northern Alliance members in northern Shan State.

Mong Yaw IDPs at Mongyaw market 15 Feb 2022
Photo Credit to Pi Ying- Mong Yaw IDPs at Mongyaw market 15 Feb 2022

According to a local source who asked not to be named, mostly elderly people, women and children fled the Mong Yaw area in vehicles or on motorbikes when the regime attacked with fighter jets. The man believes that many of the men stayed behind to take care of their properties and farms in Lashio Township.

Another man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told SHAN, that fighting between the Burma Army (BA) Light Infantry Battalion 99 and the Kachin Independence Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and Shan State Progress Party began on Sunday night.

Clashes continued the next morning. Later, air strikes from BA near Pan Thapyae caused residents of the village tract of the same name and Loi Sant village tract to flee to Lashio, while 500 people took shelter in other villages in Mong Yaw village tract.

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