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The Abandoned and Deserted Heroes

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“I do not feel good to desert and disinherit my child. But I have to think of my security as well. I cannot stop her from doing what she is doing. That is why I have to let go of her,” a 60 years old mother opened up herself to SHAN.

PDF and parents announcement
PDF and parents announcement

After the 1st February coup, her daughter has been actively involving in the political movement as a member of Shan student union to overthrow the military government. The 60-year mother worried about the potential risk on her life and decided to desert her daughter.

After the coup, the military junta has charged many people with article 505 (A) and issued arrest warrant for the political leaders, CDM teachers and civil servants, political activists, nationalists, and other young people who are actively participating in the demonstrating and revolution.

Among those charged with article 505 (A), Nang Leng, a political activist who lives in Hsipaw, Northern Shan State, was one of them.

Nang Leng had to flee home and seek for safety in the liberated zones. However, her mother, who was at home in Hsipaw, had been facing all kind of threats from military junta.

The single mother had no choice but to desert her only daughter after the coup, and she is now struggling on her own.

“Keeping Dhamma in mind to make up myself. At first, it affected my mental and physical condition. My health condition was getting worse. I was scared. However, I made up my mind and thought that this will pass one day. Using Dhamma to relief myself,” the mother helplessly explained her situation.

Nang Leng was abandoned and was forced to stay away from home, and she would not be able to find a way home anytime soon.

“The main thing was that I participated in this revolution. After my arrest warrant was released, my family had gone through a lot of troubles. I think that was the reason why I have been abandoned,” Nang Leng expressed her opinion.

Even though she has been disinherited, Nang Leng is determined to be part of the revolution until the military is eradicated and genuine democracy is restored in Myanmar. 

“I never felt regret for what I am doing. I will continue to be part of this fight. I will fight this military junta until the end, until we restore the democracy in our country,” Nang Leng told her commitment to SHAN.

Like Nang Leng, there were many other young people in Shan State who have been deserted, and they fled to the liberated zones to receive military training to be part of people defense force (PDF).

Among those who joined PDF, Ko Htoo (not official name) who lives in Aung Pan township, Southern Shan State, is one of them and he has been deserted.

On one hand, Ko Htoo was committed to fight the military junta in order to restate the democracy, on the other hand, he was sad to learn about his disinheritance announced by his parent.

“I have faced a lot of difficulties in order to reach this liberated area. Even though I am stressed and depressed sometimes, I am determined to continue this fight until the end,” Ko Htoo explained his stand to SHAN.

While Ko Htoo was in the liberated areas, military junta came to his home to search for him several times, and his parents were also threatened and interrogated many times.

“While Ko Htoo was away, the police, military soldiers, and ward administrator came for him many times. Even though we told them he is not home, they still searched our house. We were scared and worried, so we decided to desert him,” Ko Htoo’s father sadly narrated their situation.

Among those who were deserted, some artists were also included.

In the current “Spring Revolution”, one of the famous actor, Paing Phyo Thu, and a well-known singer, Kyar Pout were among those whose parents announced their disinheritance.

During the 1988 uprising, the similar thing happened – if the military junta could not arrest the university students, they would arrest their parents or they would confiscate their property.

In this current “Spring Revolution”, since November 2021, disinheritance accountment was made in the military junta owned daily newspaper almost every day.

“This is the cruelty of the military dictatorship. They would do whatever they can, the worst they can. The deserting and disinheriting is just a way to legally avoid the cruelty of the military dictatorship for those who are at home,” a 45-year old political activist explained his perspective to SHAN.

PDF yoouth
PDF yoouth

The root cause of all these is because of this military junta, and those in the PDF and one way or the other involved in this revolution should not get disappointed by that.

“The political situation could get worse. I would like to encourage those who were abandoned by their parents that it wasn’t their parents faults but the military coup which caused all these,” added by the 45-year old activist.

According to the international practice, the children who are over 18 years old can freely live and decide on their own.

However, Myanmar military is targeting the parents of those revolutionists who are over 18 years old even though there is no law stating that such practice is under the law according to an anonymous lawyer who explained the scenario to SHAN.

“If they cannot catch the criminal, they cannot target their parents. They have no rights to do so. But the military junta is doing whatever it wants, they are above the law,” the above lawyer said.

During the military junta press conference on 26 November 2021, General Zaw Min Tun stated that the public announcement of disinheritance in state owned newspaper is not legally accepted.

Even though such announcement was made, if they are supporting the NUG, CRPH, then they will still be charged with terrorism law and will be handled as such according to the military junta announcement.

Despite the fact that those parents are abandoning their biological children, they are still facing the pressure from the military regime.

“Even though I made the public announcement about my children disinheritance, I am afraid that the military will continue threatening us. She is my daughter, no parent would want to do such thing,” with her shaking voice, Nang Leng’s mother expressed her concerns. 

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