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Nearly 200 People Arrested in Tachileik With Drugs, Weapons

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Police say that those apprehended may have ties to illegal gambling.

Nearly 200 People Arrested in Tachileik
Photo by – irrawaddy/ Nearly 200 People Arrested in Tachileik

Police arrested 198 people in the Thai-Burma border town of Tachileik in eastern Shan State on Monday, alleging that they had ties to illegal gambling.

Ten of the people were Burmese nationals, and 188 of the people were Chinese nationals, who authorities say did not have the necessary documents to live in Burma. They were taken into custody from Weing Kyauk and Yang Aung Myae wards in Tachileik at around 10:30 a.m on May 13.

In the raid, security forces also seized 548 mobile phones, 16 computers, six cars, four motorbikes and three assault rifles with significant ammunition supplies. The people arrested were also in possession of illegal drugs, police said, although the type of drugs was not known at the time of reporting.

As a border town near the Golden Triangle—where Thailand, Laos, and Burma meet—Tachileik has long been a hub for drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal trade.

“We don’t know whether people are living legally or illegally in this town,” a local man told SHAN, adding that he hoped the authorities would take action against the operation of gambling houses in Tachileik.

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