Namkham Public to Demonstrate for Release of TNLA Detainee


Local woman Nang Mo Hom has been in TNLA custody for three weeks.

Civil society organization representatives and family members of Nang Mo Hom—who has been detained by the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) since August 17—will hold a peaceful demonstration on Friday in Namkham calling for her release.

The event will take place in front of a church near the center of the northern Shan State town. It follows multiple requests by Nang Mo Hom’s relatives that the authorities intervene on her behalf.

According to Sai Aik, a social volunteer in Namkham Township, the local General Administration Department has given permission for the demonstration to go ahead, as long as the demonstrators “provide their own security.”

Namkham-based civil society and community-based organizations, including Buddhist groups, village headmen, Shan literature committees, youth networks and political parties have signed a petition demanding that Nang Mo Hom be released from TNLA custody immediately. The letter was sent to government authorities on Wednesday.

On September 3, the TNLA released a statement claiming that Nang Mo Hom was responsible for the death of an on-duty Ta’ang soldier who was serving as a tax collector; he was killed by the Burma Army after visiting Nang Mo Hom’s community. Her family has denied any connection in the soldier’s death, but the TNLA’s own court is charging her under Article 333 of its criminal code. The law states that those found guilty will be fined and must serve up to 10 years in prison.

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  1. I hope and think only a small section of of SSPP who are attacking their own soldiers and bullying citizens. Sadly they have mentality and behaviour of their perpetrators. I would like to ask other SSPP Leaders and soldiers to advise these soldiers what they are doing is wrong and they are betraying their own people. RCSS has the right to be anywhere and everywhere in the Shan States, and so are the, but fairly and without greed. They must realize that all armed resistance in the Shan States, including the Ta-ang are fighting for the same enemy and for the same things, the survival of our homeland and people. Together the RCSS and SSPP should be showing good examples to the smaller groups, and together they can be one of the best armies that all our people can be proud of. All Tai/Shan citizens love their soldiers, and willingly respect , trust and support those who desrve, but they are afraid of those who terrorise them. Lastly, I would like ask all SSPP to think hard and make a decision according to the requeat of all Sangyas and Citizens. Time is running out, and future generations deserve a life of peace, good health, contentment and happiness. If this is what we all want, please SSPP do the the right thing. Together RCSS and SSPP you can do it


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