Commentary on “Rakhine: NLD govt between a rock and hard place”

[dropcap color=”#dd9933″]T[/dropcap]he real crucial issue is that how to make the investigation on Rakhine conflict transparent and truthful and find out the human rights violations, no matter who committed, which means to pinpoint the perpetrators and assess the situation.

We all know that the investigation headed by the vice-president Myint Swe was taken as not credible by the international community.

The UN also had asked that its investigation team be allowed to assess the whole situation on Rakhine conflict, which the government must answer within a month.

NLD’s forming its own investigation team with a reputable foreig
ner in the planned three-member team is to starve off the UN demand.

Even if this isn’t agreeable for the Tatmadaw, a bigger compromise to change and regain trust of the country from international and UN won’t be easy, much less to shake off the human rights violations condemnation.

Thus, an effort to show the world that the sorry heart-breaking incidence in Rakhine State happened inadvertently and not deliberately planned, as accused by many, will certainly be fruitless, even if this small halfway measure is being feverently blocked by the Tatmadaw and USDP or the military bloc.


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