Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Three Brotherhood Alliance Encircles Kutkai

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Violence is intensifying in Kutkai in northern Shan State as the Three Brotherhood Alliance encircles the town, prompting retaliation from the State Administration Council (SAC) through attack choppers and jet fighters.

Clashes have erupted in Wards 4, 5, and 8, as well as in Man Jat, Hko Tin, and Man Kan villages. Shelling has inflicted damage on residents’ homes in these wards and villages in the township bearing the same name as the town, resulting in casualties and at least one fatality.

Amid the ongoing fighting and airstrikes, residents express deep concerns for their safety. On New Year’s Day, a SAC jet fighter killed a man and wounded four people in Huay Hkuk, a village near the town.

Due to the challenging situation, SHAN has been unable to reach social volunteer teams for more updates on how the clashes are affecting the people, as there is no phone connectivity in the area. Attempts to contact the Ta’ang National Liberation Army’s information office through its Signal messaging service have gone unanswered.

A local source reported that many people in the town have already fled since coming under attack on January 2. Some attempted to reach Lashio, but upon facing difficulties, they returned to Tar Moe Nye. Others initially sought refuge in this area.

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