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TNLA Attack SAC in Mantung and Namtu

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Air bombardments by the State Administration Council (SAC) have led to yet another casualty in northern Shan State. This time, a woman was injured during shelling and an attack by an aircraft, and ten homes were damaged during fighting with the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) a week ago in Mantung Township, according to the Ta’ang Women’s Organization.

After capturing Namkham and Namhsan towns, TNLA troops are trying to take Mantung and Namtu townships. According to the Irrawaddy, TNLA arrested Brigadier General Min Min Tun, commander of the 101 Light Infantry Division headquarters in Pakkoku Town during fighting in Namhsan Township on December 15.

In Mantung town,TNLA has already seized the police station and government offices. The Ta’ang soldiers are moving on SAC’s Infantry Battalion 130’s base in Mantung Township, and the regime has retaliated with attacks on villages of Loikan, Man Hpan, Tar Lat, and Pan Nin with artillery and airstrikes.

A woman from Mantung town, who is now displaced, said there weren’t phone or internet services up to four days before clashes began.

“Since mid-December, clashes have been happening in Mantung Township every day. Shelling has hit civilian houses and a Buddhist monastery in Mankan village.”

The violence has forced many to seek safety in other areas, she said, explaining that some have gone to Lashio while others are staying in other villages located away from fighting. However, everyone fleeing to Lashio is being stopped at a SAC checkpoint outside of Namhsan town for inspection.

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