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Landmine Attack Kills SAC Soldiers in Northern Shan State

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At least five State Administration Council (SAC) soldiers were killed in a landmine attack that damaged a truck in a military convoy traveling through Kutkai Township in northern Shan State.

According to a local man, who withheld his name out of fear of repercussions, the truck ran over the landmines near Mang Pyeing after passing Lashio at about 4 pm on 11 October.

“The sound of the explosion was so loud.”

Ambulances arrived to collect the dead and injured soldiers to transport them to Lashio, he said, while the damaged vehicle remained at the site of the attack until the next day. The man suspects they left it after they could not start the engine.

Locals are confident that the Kachin Independence Army planted the landmines that killed the soldiers, but SHAN couldn’t independently confirm this information. Many other armed groups retain a presence in Kutkai Township, including the SAC-aligned People’s Militia Force, Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army, and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army.

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