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Jet Fighter Bombs Village in Northern Shan State

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A regime jet fighter attacked Hsai Khao in Muse Township, killing a man and injuring a woman, as well as damaging several homes on the morning of 25 July.


The Burma army reportedly targeted the village in northern Shan State under the assumption that soldiers from the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) were present there. A few days earlier, Ta’ang troops had clashed with the Burma army in Muse Township.

A local who spoke to SHAN on condition of anonymity due to security concerns said, “A man was killed instantly, and a female villager suffered a broken leg. Other civilian houses were also damaged during the airstrike.”

Following the attack, Burma army ground troops were deployed to Kawng Weing, situated nearby, where they took shelter in people’s homes.

As a result of the military presence in the village, all of the male youths and some older men have fled, fearing repercussions, the local explained. “Soldiers have occupied Kawng Weing, and villagers were coerced into acting as guides in the area. Some residents had already left because the Palaung soldiers (TNLA) were demanding food from them.”

The situation remains tense, with both armies standing off in the region. Junta jet fighters frequently patrol the area.

Local volunteer teams have been unable to reach Hsai Khao to offer assistance due to the high military tension in the region.

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