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Will the Karenni transitional government formation become a trendsetter?

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The Interim Executive Council of Karenni State (IEC) was established on June 6, 2023, and will be initially led by (6) members of the council. The IEC announced in a statement today on June 12 that it will aim to install at least the top (12) departments for the state government and will make efforts with the three objective guidelines.


The 6 members of the council that were formed are Chairman Khu Oo Reh, Vice Chairman Khun Bi Htoo, General Secretary Khu Plu Reh, Secretary (1) Zupadonma, Secretary (2) Banya Khun Aung and Treasurer Maw Pho Mya.

The said three objectives are to develop an interim state government administration with collective leadership; checks and balances of legislation, administration and judicial sectors; and to try bring stability and peace in the state by practically cooperating with various forces within the state.

It is trying to protect the people’s lives and wealth; and additionally to implement public service activities, the main needs of the public education, health, food and basic needs of the public.

In addition, coordination of public service activities with the already existing ones such as the Police Department, Correction Department to implement law enforcement activities in the state by properly managing the prisons.

Karenni Interim Executive Council will work in coordination with local and outside organizations, including working with the Committee Representing Pyithu Hluttaw (CRPH), National Unity Consultative Committee (NUCC) and National Unity Government (NUG), which are striving for the establishment of a federal union, writes the IEC statement

The statement also call on Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) organizations, knowledgeable intellectuals and general public to help overcome the challenges hand-in-hand in unison.

The political conviction of the IEC is abolition of the military-drafted, 2008 Constitution; to end all forms of dictatorship; emergence and drafting of the State-level Constitution; and establishment of the federal democratic union.

On the same day, the Three Brotherhood Alliance [Arakan Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army] sends a congratulatory and appraisal letter to the IEC saying: “We learned that the Karenni people after forming the Karenni State Consultative Council on April 9, 2021, has formed the Interim Executive Council of Karenni State. We constructively welcome the Karenni people’s bold new step in forming the Interim Administrative Council in tune with the revolutionary condition.”

The appraisal letter further stated that the Three Brotherhood Alliance, Kokang, Ta’ang and Arakan, wished the Karenni people, organizations and Council be able to achieve the aimed military, political goals speedily.

The Karenni resistance move has started the motion of bottom up federalism, which could become contagious to the other ethnic states and even the Bamar-dominated areas of Sagaing, Mandalay, Magwe and Bago.

Indeed, just a few weeks ago the Sagain Forum has aired its opinion to form a consultative body in order to coordinate and cooperate all the resistance groups, including the question of becoming a federal constituent unit within the future federal union. But whether the others will follow suit and the Karenni example may become a trendsetter or not in the near future is for now an open question.

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