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Nearly 100 Junta Soldiers Killed During Clashes In Nawngkio Township

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The Mandalay People’s Defense Force (Mandalay PDF) reported that close to 100 military regime soldiers were killed during clashes in Nawngkio Township of Kyaukme District in northern Shan State. Among the dead was Infantry Battalion 147 (IB-147) commander Lt-Col Myat Min Tun and four other officers. Over 1,000 local people were displaced due to the clashes.


On 22 April around 3 a.m., the Mandalay PDF attacked the IB-147 military base and seized it after junta soldiers abandoned their base. After capturing the location, the PDF soldiers took positions in the base. The Mandalay PDF said they seized three MA-3 rifles, 10 60-mm shells, 20 9-mm bullets, and other types of ammunition and military equipment.

The Mandalay PDF reported that close to 100 junta soldiers were killed during the clash including the IB-147 Battalion Commander, a Captain from IB-258, and a Captain from IB-253. The Commander of an IB-253 military column and other soldiers were wounded during the clash, according to the Mandalay PDF.

“Our troops attacked their military base around 3 a.m. Lt-Col Myat Min Tun arrived at the military base in the early morning. He and other soldiers arrived in two vehicles. Our soldiers saw that people wearing military uniforms were inside the vehicles, so they tried to stop the vehicles. The vehicles did not stop so our troops opened fire on them. Lt-Col Myat Min Tun died inside his car,” Ko Ausamon, spokesperson for the Mandalay PDF, told SHAN.

The Mandalay PDF reported that 11 of their PDF soldiers were killed and some PDF soldiers were wounded during the clash.

Local people said that at least seven civilians including children were killed during clashes between the military regime and the Mandalay PDF in Nawngkio Township. More than 20 civilian houses were damaged in the fighting.

SHAN cannot independently confirm number of casualties from the 22 April clashes in Nawngkio Township, nor the extent of property damage.

Also on 22 April, the Mandalay PDF attacked IB-114 and IB-115 with Chinese-made Type-63 107 mm rockets, according to their spokesperson. Some shells hit the IB-114 compound and killed the deputy battalion commander and five other soldiers. IB-114 and IB-115 are based in Nawngkio town.

The Mandalay PDF also clashed with the military regime near Ngok Khalay village in Nawngkio Township on the morning of 22 April.

An officer from the Mandalay PDF said that the junta launched airstrikes on their positions in Nawngkio Township after suffering many causalities.

More than 1,000 people from Kon Ggyi, Hokhe, Kon Nyaung, Yay Oo Kyu Kaw, Ner Nwet, Taw Mon, In-ma Hokho, Kalar, and Loi Nguen villages were displaced by the clashes. These IDP have taken shelter in safer places.

Since 5 April, the Mandalay PDF has had multiple clashes with the junta soldiers in Nawngkio Township in northern Shan State.

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