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Construction of Shan Palace in Keng Tung, overseen by Military Council, reaches 60% completion

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The construction of the Shan Palace in Keng Tung (Kyaingtong) Township, Keng Tung District, Shan State, led by the Military Council, is currently 60 percent complete, according to reports.


On June 26th of last year, the Military Council and the Historical Heritage Preservationists Organization began construction on the new Shan Palace at the location of the old skating rink near Naung Tung Lake in Ward No. 5 of Keng Tung Township.

Sai Hsarm Tip Hsur, a committee member of the Historical Heritage Preservationists Organization, told the SHAN that the construction of the new Shan Palace in Keng Tung is 60 percent complete.

Keng Tung Palace model
Keng Tung Palace model.

“The building’s exterior facade is nearly complete, with only the roof left to construct. However, the color of the roof is still under consideration. Currently, construction is ongoing and approximately 60 percent of the project has been finished”, he said.

The Keng Tung Shan Palace construction project will cost about 4-billion kyat.

Upon completion of the construction project, a new committee will be established with the aim of searching for the missing historical relics of Shan Saophas. The committee will also take responsibility for preserving these precious artifacts and relics, which represent the rich and magnificent Shan culture.

“The historical relics and artifacts related to the Shan Saopha have been sold in Thailand. It would be ideal if Shan people residing in Thailand could hunt down and purchase these relics, and subsequently bring them back to their rightful place here”, another committee member suggested.

Keng Tung Palace model from above views
Keng Tung Palace model from above views.

The Military Council-led construction project of the new Shan Palace is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

On February 17th of last year, prior to the commencement of the new Shan Palace construction project, Min Aung Hlaing, the head of the coup Military Council, visited the project site and personally laid the foundation stone, locals said.

The old Shan Palace in Keng Tung was built in 1906 by the grand Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng.

That palace, a historic landmark, was demolished on November 1st, 1991 during the reign of the State Law and Order Restoration Council, under the directive of Junta chief Senior General Than Shwe. The site where the palace once stood was later developed into the Keng Tung Hotel, which has since been leased for a period of 70 years.

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