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Some IDPs in Naungtayar Return Home Amid Concerns of the Conflicts

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Some of the IDPs from Karreni (Kayah State) who have been taking refuge in Naungtayar town, Panglaung township, Southern Shan State, decided to return home despite their concerns on the conflict situation.

Naungtayar IDPs 1
Naungtayar IDPs 1

In January 2022, due to the intense fighting between the Myanmar junta and People Defense Force (PDF) in Karreni (Kayah State), thousands of natives had to flee their homes and relocate to nearby townships. It is reported that some of them started to return home recently.

“Many have returned during these two days, bit by bit the IDPs are returning home. Most of those who go back are those who live in the areas where the situation has calmed down. Even though they decided to go back, they are still worried because gun fight could escalate anytime. Many are still fear to go back home,” U Khun San Oo who has been helping the IDPs in Naungtayar told SHAN.

Currently, around 100 IDPs from the Naungtayar town have gone back to their homes in Loikaw township, Karreni (Kayah State) and nearby villages; meanwhile, some more are preparing to leave soon.

Naungtayar IDPs
Naungtayar IDPs

About a thousand IDPs are still at Naungtayar town camp at the moment, and if they have to remain longer, they will face a lack of food and difficulty for their long-term survival according to a volunteer who is helping the IDPs around that area.

“Things are fine at the moment; however, if these IDPs need to stay longer because of the ongoing conflict, food and supplies will become a pressing issue. Additionally, it will be difficult to plan for their long-tern livelihood,” a man who lives in Naungtayar town told SHAN.

It is reported that volunteer teachers have been providing education to the 200 IDP children who are under 15 years old at the camp.

Those IDPs came from Karreni (Kayah State) around 10th January 2022 when the gun fight broke out. They have been relocating to nearby towns in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State.

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