Assistances arranged for IDPs from Kayah in Hsai Khao, Hsi Hseng township


Arrangements have been made to accommodate the internally displaced people (IDP) from Karenni (Kayah) State in Hsai Khao village, Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan State.

Hsai Khao
Hsai Khao

“The IDPs from Loikaw reached here this morning. About 50 of them are here, and we have placed them the designated areas,” Khun Kyaw Zaya, a Hsai Khao local committee member, told SHAN.

A committee was established in order to effectively support the IDPs coming to the area in Hsai Khao village. The natives were urged to assist the IDPs as much as they can, such as providing shelters, food, medicines and other basic necessities.

“We have arranged five places to shelter the IDPs. Our committee has decided to help whatever we can and warmly welcome the IDPs to the assigned areas,” Khun Kyaw Zeya added.

Currently, some IDPs from Kayah (Karreni State) are taking refuge at some of their relatives house in Hsai Khao villages while others are staying at the camps.

Following the fierce fight between the local resistance groups and Myanmar junta on Friday, Myanmar’s military regime launched air strikes on Loikaw, the capital of Kayah State, on Saturday and Sunday, forcing thousands of local residents to flee their homes.

For IDPs in need of help in Hsai Khao village, Hsi Hseng township, the following contact are provided:

Ward administrator Khun Hla Tun – 09788816486
Village committee chairperson U Htike Aung – 09782925481
Committee member Khun Kaw Zeya – 09790189209

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