SAC soldiers station where IDPs relocated, forcing them to flee again


SAC’s soldiers came and stationed in the village and arrested a young man in Pekon (Paikhun) township, Kow Ei ward, Kaung Wet sub-ward, Southern Shan State.

Pekon Paikhun
Pekon Paikhun

On November 14, 2021, SAC’s soldiers positioned themselves in the Kaung Wet sub-ward where IDPs were relocated, and arrested one man from that area. That forced the villagers and IDPs to escape again from there.

“The army was based south of the village recently. The soldiers came and based in the village yesterday, and some villagers fled their home, some could not do so. The soldiers also took away a man from the village,” a Pekon source told SHAN.

Currently, both IDPs and villagers are fleeing due to the fear that they could be caught. Only those who are old and ill are left behind.

“IDPs have recently relocated into that village. Because of the SAC’s soldiers, everyone including IDPs and residents are running away. Some old and sick people who cannot  run are still there. Not everyone can escape,” one Pekon’s People Defense Force (PDF) told SHAN.

Even though it is now the paddy harvesting season, villagers have to flee home. This could cause shortage of supplies next year.

“Now it is the time for harvesting, and it cannot be put off. Instead of harvesting, people have to run for their safety. It would be hard for the villagers’ livelihood next year,” a Pekon resident said.

SAC’s soldiers forced six Pekon residents to wear PDF uniforms after they have been arrested on November 8, 2021. Moreover, SAC has not released anyone among the 20 people arrested from Shwe Pyi Aye ward, Pekon township.

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