Villagers Weary Of Conflict Between EAOs in Northern Shan State


Villagers are tired of never-ending violence between rival ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) fighting in northern Shan State for the last six months.

KME war victims Photo by Cherry Kham 2
Photo by SHAN – War Victims at Kyautme in February 2021

“Clashes are frequent in the Kyaukme region. EAOs fought against each other for an hour yesterday, but I haven’t heard the sounds of gunfire today,” said a man from the town of Kyaukme.

Restoration Council of Shan State fought against Northern Alliance members Shan State Progress Party and Ta’ang National Liberation Army in Tawt San village tract from 6-7pm, June 22.

After months of hostilities, many civilians displaced in the village tract are still unable to go home. A volunteer helping the IDPs said only a few elders live in villages located in the conflict zone. All the youths fled to the towns because they don’t want to be forcibly recruited by the EAOs.

“I don’t know when the war will stop,” the source said.

Despite all of the hardships villagers have endured, there have been no donors who have come to the area to help them, another source said. They are struggling to put food on the table and have left their farms behind to seek work in the towns.

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