Armed Forces Detain Protesters in Muse, Explosions Rock Taunggyi


Eight youths in northern Burma were arrested by armed forces for protesting against the military junta near the China border.

Explosions at TGI 11 May
Explosions at TGI 11 May

An eyewitness told SHAN that armed forces beat up two youths and arrested them at 8am on May 11 in Muse town. The source heard they were tortured during interrogation.

An hour later, three youths were detained, and at 3pm authorities detained three more in the border town in northern Shan State.

At least five are being held at the Muse Myoma Police Station. It wasn’t clear if they have been charged.

Recently, armed forces in Muse have changed tactics. Instead of stopping protesters from gathering, they are arresting them in their homes later. Over 30 citizens have been detained for protesting against the regime, according to civil society organizations.

The same day as recent arrests, an unidentified gunman shot at the director of the 105 Mile Border Trade Zone.

Muse 105 Zone
Muse 105 trading Zone

The assailant pumped four rounds into Min Aung Aye while he was driving back to Muse.

“The gunman shot him before he arrived at a security guard station inside the trading zone,” a man knowledgeable about the incident told SHAN.

Min Aung Aye was transferred to the hospital in Lashio.

On Tuesday evening, soldiers arrested a youth on a motorbike after six bombs went off in Taunggyi.

“The sounds of explosions were very loud. Houses were shaking!” said a resident.

Another source saw the soldiers shooting at the youth before he was arrested.

Explosions are frequent these days in the Shan State capital. After they happen, authorities will arrest anyone who happens to be in the area.

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