Protests Continue Across Shan State Despite Attacks By Security Forces


Demonstrations against the military regime continued in Shan State this week in spite of brutal tactics by police and soldiers that left at least 20 people dead and 200 wounded across the country.

Demonstrations against the military regime continued in Taunggyi, Shan State this week

Although no one was killed in Shan State on Sunday, February 28, peaceful protesters were attacked with tear gas, water cannons, stun bombs and even live rounds, resulting in multiple injuries and numerous arrests.

Protesters were fired upon in Taunggyi. No one was killed by the gunfire but many were hurt by teargas, according to a participant. The following day demonstrators were careful to avoid main roads where police and soldiers were waiting, according to a SHAN journalist covering the unrest. Many ward residents joined the demonstration, while others from the neighborhood kept watch for agitators and security forces.

The same day in Lashio, authorities fired tear gas at peaceful protesters at about 9:30 am after advancing on them, according to a participant requesting anonymity. Police detained eight people.

In Taunggyi, in the Cafe Morning Sun tea shop, on March 2, security forces beat at least twenty-five youth, including women. After surrounding the business in five military vehicles, police and soldiers broke down the iron door and arrested the owner and youth at gunpoint, dragging some women out of the shop by their hair, according to an eyewitness. CCTV cameras were confiscated from the business.

Earlier in the day, soldiers from LID-55 and police attacked a peaceful protest near a downtown market with slingshots and teargas. Demonstrators tried to hide in the restaurants and shops in the area, but some were arrested.

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