Muse’s First COVID-19 Patient Leaves Hospital


An 87-year-old woman, who is Muse’s first COVID-19 patient, has recovered and was sent home from the hospital in the northern Shan State border town on May 9.

Dr Han Naing Soe, who is the head of the Muse public hospital, said the patient’s swab and blood sample was tested several times since she was admitted on April 24. After the woman tested negative twice, they discharged her from the hospital.

“Her lungs are fine and she’s in good health, so we allowed her to leave the hospital,” Dr Han Naing Soe told SHAN.

The woman, who is Burma’s Case 143, will need to quarantine in a hotel for seven days and then for another week in her home. After, she will be tested one more time to ensure she has recovered. Then she can be reunited with her family.

A resident from Muse told SHAN she was worried about herself because the patient is quite old. “She’s recovering and we are so happy for her.”

Dr Han Naing Soe said there are currently six patients that have been tested at the Muse hospital. Three tested negative and they’re still waiting for the results of the other three patients.

The Chinese government shut the border between Namkham and China for 60 days after the Ministry of Health and Sports announced Muse’s first infection. Many farmers couldn’t bring their produce across the border and were forced to dump it in the Ruili River or by the roadside. After losing their income, they have fallen into debt and asked for the government to intervene and try to reopen the border.

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