Wa still “undecided” about NCA meeting


The United Wa State Party/Army( UWSP/ UWSA) still has yet to decide whether or not it would attend the upcoming 7th round of meeting between the Armed resistance movements’ Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team(NCCT) and the government’s Union Peacemaking Work Committee(UPWC) to discuss the 5th draft of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement(NCA) as an observer, according to its spokesman.

U Aung Myint UWSA

Speaking to SHAN this morning, U Aung Myint aka Li Julieh, said the party has been holding its annual meeting which is expected to last until 17 March, which coincides with the first day of the NCCT-UPWC meeting. Altogether 605 top members are gathered in Panghsang, the Wa capital on the Sino-Burmese border. ” We are yet to decide whether or not we should go,” he said.

The group’s closest ally, the National Democratic Alliance Army(NDAA), whose headquarters is located southeast, meanwhile, told SHAN it had already chosen two representatives for the NCA meeting. “We are only waiting for Panghsang’s decision,” an NDAA official was quoted as saying.” If they go,we go.”

The two groups have been undergoing a tense relationship with Naypyitaw since the latter’s accusation that they had been aiding and abetting the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army(MNDAA) Kokang group that has been at war with the Burma Army since 9 February.

Meanwhile many of the NCCT members are on their way to the former capital. The two sides,apart from the NCA, are scheduled to discuss reduction of conflicts, military Code of Conduct and joint monitoring mechanisms. ” Now we’re really getting down to business,” said a member on condition of anonymity.

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