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TATMADAW’S PEACE OVERTURES: Tactical military move or an offer of real olive branch?

The statement from the Tatmadaw comes after three ethnic armed groups that had previously...
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Myanmar’s Ethnic Armed Conflict in 2018: Unabated protracted war and heightened inter-ethnic armed...

As the year ends, protracted ethnic conflict has expanded into the Rakhine State. The...

A Brief Commentary on Burma’s/Myanmar’s Civil War : Saw David Tharckabaw

  Written by: Saw David Tharckabaw, former Vice-Chairman of the Karen National Union and of the...
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Inter-ethnic conflict in Shan State creates a cold war-like animosity

As if the problem in Rakhine State, that has provoked international and UN condemnation...
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Informal meetings between four EAOs and NRPC: Trust-stimulating actions needed

By all accounts, the peace negotiation process is in shambles and there is no...
2018 11 06 EAOs Meet

BURMA’S PEACE PROCESS: From stagnation to drawback?

With the recent confirmation of the Karen National Union (KNU) statement on November 10...
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INTER-ETHNIC CONFLICT IN SHAN STATE: Shan woman entrepreneur abduction raises racial and political tension

As the combined force of Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Shan State...
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MYANMAR’S PEACE PROCESS STAGNATION: Will conditional clause be a way out?

The October 15 next month will be the third anniversary signing of Nationwide Ceasefire...
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CSSU Chairman Urges Shan Army Leaders to Unify

Amid clashes between Shan armed groups, the coalition head calls on the organizations to...
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Linking Myanmar’s peace process and OBOR

The stagnation of Myanmar's ongoing peace process is well known, which has started out...